About the Web Firm

Our Director, Heatley Gilmore has personally worked with over three hundred enterprises over many years. As a business owner himself,  he holds a specialist knowledge of the business environment across industry sectors - from trades, agribusiness, agricultural services, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, tourism, health and fitness and professional services. Heatley understands business owner's frustrations, restraints and limitations and that these are similar challenges across industries from home business to larger corporations. He communicates Internet marketing knowledge and teach skills … Learn More

What We Do


"Since we started the newsletter 4 months ago, we have had more direct bookings and bookings from our website" The bookings are from people who have visited us before. We believe this increase is because of the newsletter ? we are keeping in touch with our previous guests.
John and Gail Radford Carribean
This is positive marketing not deadbeat marketing - with results straight away! The day our first newsletter came out we were still here at 6.30 taking bookings! Then we realised there were just as many electronic bookings.
Ross and Kay Willson